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Issue 001 Resiliency - Contributors

Caroline Kabat

Contribution: Tech stuffSign: LibraFavorite Artist: DIIVListening To: Yunton Beach, Sassy009, Drake, Per Hammar, DJ Seinfeld, Romanian minimal house

Piérre Reimertz

Contribution: Tech stuffSign: LeoFavorite Artist: Best track of my current Discover WeeklyListening To: What's currently in my Discover Weekly

Kari Sulenes

Contribution: Coordinator of the Flourishing Artists ProgramSign: TaurusFavorite Artist: Beats AntiqueListening To: Lovely Day by Bill Withers... every day

Taryn Haight

Contribution: StrategySign: PiscesFavorite Artist: Neil Young & SadeListening To: Lil Nas X

Crystal Desai

Contribution: CommunitySign: GeminiFavorite Artist: Lianna La Havas, Emily King, João GilbertoListening To: C.Tangana, Mindchatter, Arooj Aftab

Aaron Akbari-Mort

Contribution: DesignSign: AquariusFavorite Artist: Dylan and/or the Band, Lou ReedListening To: Ty Segall, Lana Del Ray, Andrew Johnson

Dr. Taryn Marie

Contribution: Flourishing Artist Program Developer and Musical ArtistsSign: CapricornFavorite Artist: David RamirezListening To: Sara Bareilles & Olivia Rodrigo

Kat Morris

Contribution: Role: Animator for Issue 001 on ResilienceSign: LeoFavorite Artist: Lucy DacusListening To: Andy Shauf- jaywalker
Illustration of a person lifting a piano, made by Liana Finck

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