Brancesuniverse is a nebulous embodiment of my energy, experiences, and inspirations. Particularising it is like if you were an alien trying to introduce yourself to a human. It’s similar to a psychedelic experience in that there are little to no words to capture it, you just have to experience it for yourself due to its autological nature.

Some early inspirations I had for brancesuniverse come from different countercultures,Funkadelic,popstardom/rockstardom, a Steven Universe Convention,  a 3 month incarceration where I got my name “Universe” & NDE overdosing that prompted my induction into the 21 Club (a club of artists that died at 21 and under instead of 27), and last but not least, babyuniverse. 

I designed brancesuniverse to be indeterminate so I could have freedom to do whatever the fuck I want and not give a fuck what anyone thought. It might not be for everyone but those that feel like us, think like us, and rock with us will eternally vibe & resonate with us. Over time, brancesuniverse has also expanded into other entities babyuniverse and PRTY

In brancesuniverse, we blend the physical and digital worlds simultaneously combining them into a transcendent experience. I was brainstorming ways to bring my intangible internet sensationalism IRL and I spawned babyuniverse. Babyuniverse is a plushie I designed around my developing persona with an NFT attached to it that my fans can collect. Now I have my own little physital mini-me called babyuniverse. I’m an orphan and I grew up in a group home type situation, so I never really felt connected to anyone or anything until I gave birth to babyuniverse. Babyuniverse is my way to make my community – my family away from family.

That is partly why I chose Web3. The ability to create my own narrative in the space through web3 tools is something I found inspiring. In Web2, things were very much surface level, but now we have the opportunity to go beyond the surface into the depths of our creativity. There has never been a time on the internet where you could interact with digital intellectual property in the same way as blockchain, so NFTs are the ideal fit for the means of distribution for projects like my babyuniverse plushie.

Mixed Reality is another way I like to immerse my audience in my universe in a hybrid URL and IRL interactive way. My URLs correlate with IRL footage I personally shoot with my own virtual reality camera. Making a mobile first experience was important to me because we live in a mobile first society & we are always on our phones so they can be viewed from any mobile device or VR headset. It’s like personalised performances in your living room. The most popular experience I have to date is on YouTube for my “Scene” visual that features scenes I directed & edited. My YouTube video gained major attention and reached almost 15 million impressions worldwide!

The gaps between URL & IRL are closing as Web3 progresses and our digital selves become more prominent, but it is still essential to maintain our IRL presence. Bridging the URL to IRL gaps is instrumental in how I connect with my community because I move around a lot and sometimes you could catch me on the internet before you could catch me IRL. The IRL extension of brancesuniverse is called PRTY. At PRTY, we throw the most fire functions in the galaxy. PRTY started at a place called Rainbow City and some inspirations were movies like Project X & Party Monster and cultural events such as: Freaknik, Hot Girl Summer & NFTNYC 

The revolution of web3 and the new internet is giving me the opportunity to construct my own mixed reality and immerse my audience in my artistry for my own revolution. The initials of brancesuniverse & babyuniverse are B. U. and I believe those letters are the message we want to impart to the world. No matter who, what, when or where you are, be you. When expanding your community as an artist , you can be as creative and think as freely as you want. There is a universe inside each and every one of us waiting to blossom.

About The Author


I’m Universe , creator of brancesuniverse & babyuniverse. I got into Web3 in 2019 but I’ve been writing lyrics and formulating songs since before my age was in double digits. I grew up moving all over the map and the internet feels more like my birthplace than any specific city.



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