Open Letter from Jack Spallone

Dear Artist,

At times over the past year I’m sure you have come across the newest buzz term, NFTs. They’ve become this hyped up tech term in an already oversaturated world of hyped up tech terms. Some of you have rightfully ignored the term and whatever it might mean and others may have emphatically jumped into NFTs head on. Wherever you are at in your journey on understanding what an NFT is, how to begin using them, and whatever it means for music, we wanted to meet up with you here at EQ and unpack the universe around this emerging trend.

We have gathered some of the leading experts in this space with interviews with artists using NFTs to make a living, as well as to artists using NFTs for becoming discovered, and even self-identified newbies trying to navigate their start with them. We have op-eds from some of the bloggers covering NFTs for music - and at times, when necessary, who have been critical of NFTs, too. We wanted to bring all of this to you as an available resource to help you understand this new world, and hopefully, look beyond the hype that largely surrounds it and recognize it the way our contributors of this EQ Issue do; as a path forward for sustainable communities independent of any one platform.


Jack Spallone

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Jack Spallone

Jack Spallone is Head of Crypto at HIFI Labs



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