Web3 101 Manual

Please read the numbered documents in order for a smooth onboarding process. However, if you need help, have further questions, or want a partner in this, please join the HIFI Labs Discord or YouniDAO Twitter (@YouniDAO) and someone will be happy to assist. Happy exploring!

1. Why Web3?

Although most contemporary artists are aware of web3, they might not know where to start or how their work might fit in. The Web3 network of developers, artists, and other business partners is utilizing blockchain technology to enable all artists, particularly independent musicians, to establish a socially, financially, and artistically sustainable career in the music industry. 

People in web3 firmly believe in the potential of sharing information and resources with everyone who is interested in this subject. The best ways to learn about web3 are through exploration and experimentation. To make this manual useful to all artists, we included information, recommendations, and sources from the huge web3 community. 

“Make mistakes without fear!”

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2. What is Web3 music?

The term "Web3 Music" describes the use of decentralized technology, such as blockchain, to produce and disseminate music in a secure, open-source, and transparent manner. The objective of Web3 Music is to develop a more just and long-lasting music industry that benefits both musicians and fans. 

Given that Web3 Music is not dependent on centralized platforms like record labels or streaming services, one of its main advantages is that it enables artists to more directly control the distribution and monetization of their music. As a result, artists may have more control over their creations and be able to interact with fans more directly. 

Web3 Music offers more convenient and safe ways to exchange and license music, which has the potential to open up new possibilities for cooperation and creativity within the music business. Additionally, it might open up fresh revenue sources and business models. 

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3. How to Interact with Web3? Wallets!

Setting up your wallet allows you to start experimenting in the web3 space. What is a wallet?

Although there are many wallet options, MetaMask is the most widely used. Start off by setting up a Meta Mask 1 wallet, which you will download as an extension for your web browser. 

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4. Tips to keep your wallet secure

In order to set up your Web3 wallet securely, read through these tips. With tremendous freedom comes great responsibility.

5. Communities, People and Resources

Guide: Trusted Places, People, and Information on the Internet You Can Learn From.

6. More Definitions and Terms

Guide: To Help you Navigate Through the Web3 Community

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